Custom-Made Softwares

A custom-made software application is the exact demand or need of businesses. that businesses demand fulfilled by developing specific software as per their requirements. Some businesses want their special Enterprise resource planning Softwares or web applications in a customized way.
Businesses also want mobile applications for more ease of use for their customers. We at Atul Softwares follow the Agile software development method. Agile development is one of the best software development methods which helps businesses and us. We develop mobile applications and web applications as per business requirements.

Process We Follow


Brainstorming ideas that solve a particular problem faced by target users.


Interacting with stakeholders and users to collect  and document project requirements.


Creating  the architecture of a software system and its elements.


Building the software using a programming language by the development team.

Quality Analysis

Evaluating the quality of software with the aim of finding and fixing defects.

Launch & Maintenance

Updating and supporting the software after it has been delivered to the market.

We Follow Agile Methodologies For Customized Software Development.
-: Benefits of Agile Software Development :-
  • Software development execution done very smoothly.
  • More focus on users and system development.
  • We can predict the software application delivery time.
  • This will help businesses change their requirements.
  • Stakeholders engagement will ensure the correct development path of software application.
  • Quality of the software application will be more efficient and robust because of iterative testing and development in agile.
  • Agile helps reduce technical debt, improve customer satisfaction and deliver a higher quality product.

Technologies We Use





Tailwind CSS


Node Js